NanoBrowserQuest — Wallet-less, Azrael, Helms and more!

3 min readJun 16, 2023

Since its launch in 2021, NanoBrowserQuest required players to possess a nano_wallet in order to register and participate. However, that requirement has been removed, and NBQ is delighted to welcome all players, regardless of their involvement in cryptocurrency. Now, all you need is a username and password to join the game. Nevertheless, if you choose to register a nano_ or ban_ address, you can receive a faucet payout (approximately 0.0133 XNO) by defeating the first boss, the Skeleton King, and completing all achievements.

Simply enter a username, password and jump into the game

Azrael — The Death Angel

Now, the gates to Azraels have been unlocked, allowing you to engage in combat with the Death Angel. The final boss of the recently launched Lost Temple expansion possesses triple-enchants and random immunities that make the battle challenging. It is highly recommended to attain a level of 68 or higher before confronting Azrael; otherwise, you risk being obliterated. Upon successfully defeating the boss, you will receive a Purple Chest filled with exceptionally unique items and rare runes that can be exchanged at the anvil.


It is now possible to discover and equip helmets independently from armor pieces. Each equipment set features a distinct helmet, which bestows a set bonus when worn in conjunction with other items from the same set.

Magic Find

In the character panel (accessible by pressing “C”), you can now see the exact percentage of your Magic Find (MF). The MF attribute enables you to re-roll a monster’s drop in the event that it would have otherwise yielded no items, thereby increasing your chances of obtaining additional items. This enhancement provides more opportunities to discover unique and super unique items.


Some areas have been reworked and mini-bosses are now spawning randomly.

Freezing Lands Cemetery
Secret Cow Level

If you have questions about the game, visit the Player’s Guide or join the Discord server to meet the players.

As always, happy gaming and see you online