NanoBrowserQuest — Unique Items Update

Ever since the release of the NBQ expansion, the game has gained in popularity and received great support from the nano community.

Here are the latest updates:

  • Players can now use their Stash in town to have 48 extra slots of inventory.
  • +7 weapons are now displaying a purple glowing effect, the greater the item level, the greater the effect.
  • When upgrading items at the Anvil there is now a random slot out of the 9 that will add bonus chances of successful upgrade if the scroll is in the same slot.

+3 → +4, +10% bonus
+4 → +5, +8% bonus
+5 → +6, +6% bonus
+6 → +7, +5% bonus
+7 → +8, +4% bonus
+8 → +9, +3% bonus
+9 → +10, +2% bonus

  • Each items now have their unique equivalent and a 1% drop rate, that’s 20 new uniques to collect!. Meaning that if you loot 100 Golden sword, 1 out of them could be a unique.
Unique Sword
Unique Golden Sword
Unique Blue Armor
  • When a unique weapon is equipped it will have a orange glowing effect that will start intensifying at +7
  • An aura system has been implemented for your character to look even more powerful. The first item that emits one is the Necromancer Death Wish unique ring which drops 1% from the Necromancer only. The unique Drain Life attribute adds damage and life leech on hit.
Drain life aura

As always thanks for playing and happy farming!