BananoBrowserQuest Launch

2 min readMay 10, 2022

Happy to announce that has completed its first faucet payout and is welcoming players from the Banano community. BBQ is a themed version of NanoBrowserQuest , a browser mmorpg game where you hack and slash monsters to find new gear and upgrade your character.

The payout account received generous funding so Ban players who completes the game in the next 72h will get the chance of receiving the Freezing Lands expansion (20 players) , a cape with a random bonus (20 players) or a pack of 10x high class scrolls (20 players).

You can also join the Discord channel if you have questions about the game, to organize a party or just to hang out with other players.

Banano and Nano players are invited to joined the same server, a way to differentiate the players is to look at the network icon near their name.

Good luck to everyone and have fun!