(Ba)NanoBrowserQuest — Free expansion, player’s guide & Trade system

2 min readSep 30, 2022

The Freezing Lands expansion is now available for free!

YThe expansion unlocks itself from killing the Skeleton King

The Sorcerer sells the expansion and other items
Unlock the Freezing Lands expansion

A Player’s Guide was recently made available to help new and veterans players understand the items, their attributes and where to hunt if you are looking for a specific loot.

Trade System

You are now invited to join the #trade Discord channel and post your items up for trade or ask for the one you are looking for.

Ever since the inventory system was introduced last year, it has been desired to be able to exchange items. You can start a trade session with another player by doing the following:

  • You must be in town
  • You must be within 3 tiles from the other player
  • Simply type /trade playername in the chat to invite the other player
An active trading session between 2 players
  • The panel on the left is where you can see the traded items from the other player
  • The panel on the right (under your name) is where you can drag and drop items from your inventory to be traded
  • Once both players “Accept”, the trading session ends and the items are exchanged

Having a trading system in place unlocks certain possibilities in the future like trading items for Ӿ or BAN so anyone can be grinding and earning some cryptocurrencies while having some fun.

What’s next?

Now that the top features are in, it’s time to add some more content! You can expect in the coming weeks to see new items & stats be introduced to the game. To keep up to date with the latest game releases you can follow the #release channel on the Discord server.

As always, happy gaming and see you online!