NanoBrowserQuest — Super Boss update

2 min readMar 19, 2022

A big update dropped in today and here is what to expect.

Minotaur Super Boss

A new type of boss is making its debut. These cannot be killed solo and will require a party and teamwork to be defeated. The Minotaur spawns randomly between 6 and 8 hours at the center of the Secret Level.

Once slain, the party will receive a blue chest (one per member that participated) that can be exchanged at the anvil for a chance of getting uniques, minotaur set items or a cape.

A party system

You can now use commands in chat to start a party and share drops and experience with other players. A user interface is to be expected in the coming weeks to easily create party and invite other players.

/party create
/party invite playerName (as the party leader)
/party join partyId (as the invitee)
/party leave
/party remove playerName (as the party leader)
/party disband (as the party leader)


You can now purchase capes which will give your character a unique look and a random team bonus property. Your character will benefit from it when you are partied with other players.

New aura

You can now freeze enemies when using the unique Minotaur ring.

As always thanks for playing and showing continued support.

See you online, happy gaming!