NanoBrowserQuest — Secret Level

Feb 5, 2022
Portal to the Freezing Lands expansion bonus level
Portal to the Freezing lands secret level

A secret level have just been released to NanoBrowserQuest for the expansion players. It will be very challenging and you may want to “Jump in the Void” with a few high level players to hack ’n’ slash though packs of monsters.

  • 5 More levels have been unlocked, max level is now 56
  • 4 New quests to unlock
  • A new weapon dropping in the secret level
  • New unique amulet dropped from the secret level boss
  • New 2 super unique rings has also been included, the “Rai Stone” and the “Fountain of Youth”

Finding how to enter the level will be challenging but if you’ve played Diablo2 you may have part of the clue.

As always happy gaming and see you online!