NanoBrowserQuest — Freezing Lands

3 min readDec 30, 2021
Freezing Lands expansion

NanoBrowserQuest is a remake of the popular BrowserQuest web-based MMORPG mini game written in Javascript, CSS & HTML. It was originally created around 2012 and as of today the original repository has over 2,700 forks. The game supports 200 simultaneous players and is free to play. NanoBrowserQuest allows you to play with your friends, complete in-game achievements and get a small Nano reward after completing the game.

The NanoBrowserQuest release

The journey started as a proof of concept for utilizing nano as a faucet reward for completing the game. After getting some feedback from the NBQ players I’ve decided to invest more time and added 4 new quests, a dozen of new items, an inventory system and an upgrade system to the classic game.

Upgrade your items at the Anvil in town. More instructions can be found at

Since the release 6 months ago (June 2021), the faucet has paid out about 2300 times or an average of 12.5 times per day.

The Freezing Lands expansion

The adventure continues, this time the hero will be facing the Necromancer in an epic battle. The expansion is featuring a new map, 16 quests, new items and new monsters.

3 months and countless hours were required to create the sequel. A pixel artist was also hired to create the new monsters, and I must say Squaff did some awesome work.

You can now get the expansion by using XNO through the game store by talking to the Sorcerer in town, Enjoy!

Purchase the Freezing Lands expansion through the game store by scanning the QR code with the Natrium wallet or sending the exact amount to the given address.

The making of

Warning spoilers ahead stop reading if you want to keep yourself the surprise

Creating the map

This wiki was really helpful for getting started with the tooling used for building the original map, but a new one had to be drawn! The expansion assets were all designed using Photopea and the map using Tiled.

Freezing lands map

New quests

The expansion adds 14 new quests of which 3 are hidden.

Expansion quests

Monster sprites

5 new original monsters were added and 2 new armors. Here is an example of all the required frames to animate the Werewolf.

The Werewolf monster sprite

The Necromancer

Perhaps the most challenging part of the expansion was to create an epic adventure and challenging fights for the Hero. Some feedback I had from players was that the Skeleton King was too easy to slay. The reasoning behind it was to keep the faucet game enjoyable and easy to complete for everyone. The expansion does not serve the same purpose and might require some grinding combined with some good upgrades in order to face a chance against the end boss.

The Necromancer boss room
NanoBrowserQuest donations

If you want to support the game and the faucet, donations can be sent to:

Thanks and happy gaming!