(Ba)NanoBrowserQuest — Shield & Skill update

3 min readJun 14, 2022

It has been a BLAST to welcome Banano players on bananobrowserquest for the last couple of weeks as many of you grinded the levels and got some rare loots. A Discord server was created where players can form parties, learn more about the game, get informed about releases or submit suggestions/bugs. The game received many updates based of the player feedback, here is a recap of what’s new.

Unique rings and amulets

These uniques drops 1% and have an extra attribute stat. For example, normal gold rings have a random of 3 attributes, and unique gold ring has 4.

Unique gold ring

The party user interface

You can now manage your parties with the Party panel (by pressing “p” or clicking the sword icon). First create a party, then you can start inviting people as the party leader for a maximum of 6 players. While being in a party you’ll be sharing loots and experience.

The chat commands are still enabled to manage parties but it is now a lot more convenient and less prone to typos.

Transmute scrolls

These scrolls have the power to change normal items into uniques (low chances, varies per item) or generate new stats for your rings/amulets/unique belt. If you transmute a normal gold ring you have 75% chance of successfully generating new stats + 10% chances of making it unique. If you combine a normal Sapphire armor with a transmute scroll you have 15% chance of making it unique (odds will be written in the anvil panel as you drop an item and a scroll). If you are to hit the lucky slot, your odds increase by 25% -> so 15% chance becomes 19% (rounded up).

Shields & Skill

9 shields have been added to the game, each being part of a set (get the set bonus by wearing all items). The high class shields have 1 random resistance (magic, flame, lightning or cold) and 1 random skill (heal or defense). Unique shields have 2 resistances and drops 1% meaning that if you loot 100 shields, one of them should be unique.

Probably Nothing unique Sapphire shield

The heal skill (resets every 30 seconds) instantly replenish your health for a % based on your shield’s level while the defense skill (resets every 45 seconds) increases your defense by a % making you a tank for a few seconds.

What’s next?

Offensive skills

Now that a skill system is in place, you’ll have the option to choose a defensive and an offensive skills that will be best used in PvP but also useful in PvE when fighting bosses.


In a few months, there will be war event between the Nano and the Banano factions where the players will need to cooperate in order to capture the enemy positions and win the war. More details will be announced as the feature gets completed.

As always, happy gaming and see you in game!