(Ba)NanoBrowserQuest — Gold system

2 min readApr 25, 2023

Following the launch of The Lost Temple expansion a month ago, NanoBrowserQuest have been receiving regular updates which can be tracked on Discord #release channel.

The recent addition of the gold system provides players more ways to trade their items or gather resources to purchase desired items.

  • Gold drops are now randomly generated when defeating mobs, with higher-level enemies yielding greater amounts.
  • You can safely store gold in your Personal Stash to prevent loosing gold from death penalties
  • Janet Yellen is gathering the gold that was lost as a result of player deaths for future game events and random drops.
  • You can Buy and Sell items to the merchant in exchange of gold

Some other notable features from the recent releases

  • By right-clicking on other players, a context menu is now available which allows you to initiate a party, engage in a trade, or view their equipment.
  • Some rare items now possess an additional attribute, which provides extra percentage of gold.

Thank you for your continued support, see you online and happy gaming!